Dear Marianne:

I wanted to send you a letter to give you feedback on my experience with Moving Forward.

You were the first person that I met in your company, and when you came to my home you made a wonderful first impression on how you took the time to listen to me and my expectations from you and your team.  I was going through my divorce at the time and going through over 20 years of memories which was extremely overwhelming.  You understood what I was going through and what needed to be done so you called in your team to assist me.

When Mara came to my house we immediately formed a bond that lasted the entire time your company “held my hand” and guided me into a new chapter of my life.  Ultimately deciding what items, I could part with and the small number of items I was able to take with me, and that would fit in my new apartment.  I cannot say enough about Mara.  She’s amazing at what she does and she’s professional, caring and personable.  I cried a couple of times during my difficult situation and she was there to console me with just the right words.  She “represents” Moving Forward, and I am so lucky that our paths have crossed.

Migeal did a great job organizing the move, listened to what I wanted moved and went above and beyond scheduling my move on a Sunday to accommodate my work schedule, which I appreciated so much.  The movers did a fantastic job and moved quickly and efficiently throughout the process.

And a big thank you to Amy working with my billing situation regarding the fact that I didn’t have to pay the invoices immediately as we waited for the credits from the sellers’/items that were sold.  I appreciate the patience with my financial situation.

In summary, Moving Forward isn’t just for seniors, it’s for anyone that needs guidance/assistance moving/downsizing into another chapter in life.  Your company put me at ease during a very sad and stressful time in my son’s and my life and I cannot thank everyone enough who helped through the process.  I have recommended your company to everyone I know, and I am certain our paths will cross again.


Amy Gotzion


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