Pat Smith

Senior Move Manager

Pat spent 14 years as “at home parent” with her son and daughter. One of the reasons her “at home” situation stretched out so long is that she is one of the so called “sandwich generation”–her husband David and she had our children when they were older and at the same time ended up caring for her aging parents. Pat says, "I didn’t know it then, but during that intense time, I was gaining knowledge, skills and compassion for my job at Moving Forward." Her favorite thing about her job is the fabulous clients and dedicated and capable coworkers!

Pat has work experience is in both wholesale distribution and retailing of natural foods. Her education is in Art and English Literature. Pat and her family are outdoor enthusiasts–they are into hiking, skiing, bicycling and swimming. She loves to experience new people and places, so she travels as time and money permit. Pat is an avid reader and enjoys word games. As an artist, Pat makes mosaics and handmade ceramic tile (among other things).