38d434c86312b6e63845fc5c46f2764d1) What is a Senior Move Manager?
A Senior Move Manager coordinates every aspect of your move in order to make the transition as smooth as possible.  We are the extra set of hands that help with the tasks – large or small.  It is your move, we just do the work.

2) What will moving day be like?
We provide client-focused moving services. Boxes and furniture will be marked with a destination tag. We will unpack and set up items at the new location. Most of our clients choose not to be onsite during move day.

3) Will you set up our new home?
Absolutely!  We will unpack and place your items in the appropriate areas. By the end of move day you will come home to a comfortable ‘box free’ environment.  We take pride in arranging items according to the way you previously had them organized.  The shower curtain will be up, pictures hung, and the coffee pot ready to go.

4) Will this cost a lot?
We try to keep our prices in line with the services we provide. We work with all kinds of budgets.  Our goal is to discuss your wants and needs and to structure a plan that works for you.

​5) I do not have a real estate agent; can you assist with selling my home?

We are proud to have relationships with a number of real estate agents here in the Madison, WI area. We are happy to introduce you and let you decide which agent best serves your needs.

6) I see you are a NASMM member. Tell me about NASMM.
The mission of NASMM is to facilitate the physical and emotional aspects of relocation for older adults, to increase industry awareness, to establish a national referral network, to enhance the professional competence of members, and to promote the delivery of our services with compassion and integrity. Moving Forward owner Marianne Gariti has been trained through the NASMM program and has completed the required courses.

​7) Does the senior hire you or their children?

Every senior moving situation is unique. Very often a SMM will be hired by a son or daughter who needs to coordinate a move while living in another state.  Other times it will be the senior who contacts us directly.  Either way it is important to know that our client, the individual in transition, is our focus.