Senior Moving Made Easy

I was referred to Moving Forward by Heritage Middleton, the memory care facility my mom lives in. My family home of 60+ years had sold and I was in charge of clearing it out in about one month’s time so the new owner could move in. This was an overwhelming task for me since my home is 100 miles from Madison and clearing out anything isn’t my strong suit. The long and the short of it is that Marianne and staff came in sorted through everything putting it in manageable categories such as collectables, antiques, rummage, junk, jewelry. The appropriate folks came in to evaluate and price the items. After I reluctantly went through everything taking what I wanted home which took us every weekend that month I began to realize I could move forward and let go. There is a psychology to this type of work and Marianne has a gift for understanding the difficulty of letting go of your parents and childhood items. Her team even managed to work in a very cold, huge , garage and put it in order. Amazing. The house and garage were left entirely empty. Marianne even took photos for me to see after it was complete. The work is neat, quick, clean, and done with privacy and security in mind. Ohhhh, is it so wonderful to have it finished. Now I will need her to come to Neenah to help me downsize! One last mention was all the communication and information that was given to me to keep me updated on the progress. Congratulations Moving Forward for a fantastic job. Many, many thanks. Christine and Sam

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