in this phase we will explore all your options and:
  • Create a timeline for your move
  • Take Photos and Create a floor plan
  • Negotiate with moving companies
  • Organize and consolidate items
  • Ship heirlooms to relatives/friends
  • Arrange for any needed home repair services
  • Consult with real estate professionals
  • Arrange pick up of donations
  • Arrange for buyers or coordinate estate sales
  • Total home clean out
    Moving / Settling in
    The time to move will be here before you know it, making the most of us will allow us to:
    • Label all items pre-move
    • Professionally pack and move items to your new home
    • Supervise placement of furniture
    • Re-create the look and feel of home
    • Unpack your items and organize
    • Hang photos and pictures
    • Reconnect electronics
    • Make bed and hang shower curtains